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 RICOVILLE 2007!!!

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Tombaughs Pits

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PostSubject: RICOVILLE 2007!!!   Mon Aug 06, 2007 10:21 am

This is a cross post! I'm goin, should be fun :)

Please send your money in by July 11

Here we go Ricoville 2007, August 11 2007 This will be a pre register show. it will be $15.00 to enter your dog in a category if you wait till the day of the show it will cost $25.00. Same thing with the entrees to get in its $15.00 and the day of the show is $25.00 kids are free. booths will be $150.00 pre paid as well the day of the show the booth will be $250.00. why pre pay? cuz I have so many awards that last year we went all the way to 3 pm registering dogs and I don't want this to happen again so this will be a pre pay/pre register event. the deadline for pre pay is July 11 2007. Booths come with four tickets to get in and it will cost you $5.00 per category instead of $15.00. get a copy of this entry sheet and send in your money to

Rene Goyco
PO Box 693
Lockport IL 60441

or pay pal

I'm adding battle of the bloodlines for this year 1st 2nd and 3rd places. your dog aside of the other events will compete with in his own bloodline then all 1st place winners will compete with all bloodlines for battle of the bloodline over all winner...................................

Remember guys the money is due July 11

Thank You all for your support

1- G-Dawgs
2- G-10 Pits
3- G-02 Pits
4- G-57 Pits
5- G-67 Pits
6- G-76 Pits
7- S&M Kennels
8- LP-Bullys
9- Moores
10- Yard Boss Kennels
11- My Pitbull Space/Valhalla Pitbulls
12- Prodigy Kennels
13- Outlaw Kennels
14-Real Pitbulls Chicago
15-630 Pittz
16- Blue Chicago
17- Best of the Best Kennels
18- Ohio 10 Pits
19- Hoodlum kennels
20- Maximus Kennels
21-Detroit Bullies
22-Detroit Bullies
23- West Suburban Bully Breeds
33-Sloan BullyStyle Pits
34- Chicago House of Pitbulls

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